Basement Revolver

Formed in the honest grit of Hamilton, Ontario, Basement Revolver have seen a quick and notable ascent into the spotlight with their unique brand of 90’s infused indie-rock. The band has been able to formulate a captivating and refined hypnotic aural experience typically found with those who are well beyond their years. Early adopters noted a “sense of longing that could stretch back decades.” (Tom Connick, DIY)

Managing to open for accomplished national acts like Dave Monks (Tokyo Police Club), We Are The City, Evening Hymns and The Acorn, they began to see sparks of something special. Halfway into their first year as a band they leaped at the chance to record their debut EP with local studio, TAPE (Memoryhouse, Dirty Nil, Edgar Breau). Together with Adam Bentley and Jordan Mitchell they began to sculpt and carve out their signature atmospheric sound.

Gaining momentum, they soon decided on releasing their debut single, ‘Johnny’. With this first song they encountered an unstoppable wave of support; managing to establish themselves with grassroots endorsements from sites such as DIY Magazine, Indie Shuffle, CBC and Exclaim! Magazine to name only a handful. Respected tastemakers like GoldFlakePaint were hailing ‘Johnny’ a “‘favourite song of the year’ contender” and another said they had a sound that was hard to forget once it took hold. They had stumbled across a sound that is capable of stripping listeners of inhibition, yet heavy hitting enough to leave a lasting impression.

Having the support of press, the Hamilton trio moved their eyes towards the release of their debut EP, eventually accepting a record deal from Memphis Industries’ UK sub-label Fear Of Missing Out. The EP proved to be a grand success, eventually racking up over 600,000+ plays on Spotify and nearly 100,000 plays on SoundCloud. ‘Johnny’ and their second single ‘Words’ reached the higher echelon of the Hype Machine chart while the EP has made various ‘best of 2016’ listings around the blogger community.

Basement Revolver is currently back from the studio with their highly anticipated full length record. In a relatively short time, Basement Revolver have successfully encapsulated the yearning and hopefulness of their generation – a perfect listen for 2021.

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